Fashion Style Guide to Crohn’s & Endometriosis

I also really enjoy dressing up smarter and feeling good about myself with a new outfit, why should I not feel great in what I'm wearing just because I have a chronic illness. What I do find though is that some days, some outfits just aren't going to cut it whether I'm bloated, in pain or having one of my amazing hot one minute freezing the next days.

I Need to be Busy…

I wanted to write this not because I can actually give any advice on it right now but more as a way to firstly accept the issue I currently have and secondly to come back and read when I find myself doing it. I am addicted to being busy, and I don't mean socially as I'm a bit of a hermit but just always needing to be doing something productive. Even right now I'm sat down in front of the TV under a blanket and I can't help but get my laptop out and write a blog post.

The Bad Day Guide – Crohn’s & Endometriosis

We've all been there many times, you wake up your whole body aches, your stomach is at a 7/10 on the pain scale, bathroom urgency, nausea and extreme fatigue. I'm at a stage where I have really good days and really bad days with not much in between. I try my absolute best to still function on my bad days but sometimes it's just not happening. After suffering for many years with endometriosis and now the addition of Crohn's I've got my own bad day routine which definitely helps to make the days better.