Self Love Sunday’s – My Routine

As part of my grand master plan to turn myself into someone who actually listens to her body and takes care of it I have dedicated Sunday’s whenever possible to self love. Now this doesn’t mean I spend all day in the bath putting face masks on and chilling out to the max but it does mean that I completely switch off from work on these days. Sunday’s is all about doing exactly what I love doing and putting some time in to take care of myself as well. Here is what my current self love Sunday routine looks like.

Morning – NO alarm clock, I wake up whenever I wake up! Whether it’s 7am, 10am or 1pm I let my body rest completely and unless I really want to do something don’t make any plans before the afternoon. Once I have risen from my slumber breakfast is usually something more extravagant than the usual smoothie or cereal during the week; some of my favourites are a traditional bacon and eggs or pastries which I used to love having with fruit but that is a no go now. My wife is always off work on Sunday’s but works every other day during the week so this is the only day we get to have breakfast together. We may on occasion go out for breakfast but to be completely honest this is usually one of those things that gets planned on the Saturday and never happens because I wake up feeling like shit, the weather is bad or I just don’t wake up in time.

Afternoon – The afternoon is usually where we go out; we might go and do some shopping, take Eric for a walk if it’s a nice day, visit family or just go out for a cup of tea and some cake. The world is our oyster and we shall do whatever we please. The aim really is just to spend some quality time together and be away from the phones and laptops which are responsible for our entertainment during the week. I would love to get rid of my screen addiction and spend less time on my phone and laptop but I am a complete computer geek so it’s hard when you love something so much. On bad days when I am not feeling great we’ll spend the afternoon watching movies on Netflix and napping, Sunday naps are great and particularly right now because I am not working there is no fear of wasting the day off and getting that pre Monday anxiety.

Evening – Come 5-6pm I will make dinner and then once that’s done it’s where the self care routine begins. I will have a long bath with Epsom salts and bubble bath, Epsom salts are so great for any chronic illness as they relax you but also help with muscle aches and pains. The main ingredient in Epsom salts is magnesium which is great for women with benefits such as reducing PMS, depression, anxiety and headaches on top of the pain relieving qualities just soaking in the bath with it. Following my bath I might put on a conditioning hair mask, a face mask or just give myself a facial with serums, toners and moisturisers. Being completely honest though sometimes I am good with a bath and then getting into bed to watch some TV or read a good book, I do love skincare and pampering myself but I’m not religious about it. If I’m really feeling the self care I may do some yoga, light stretching or meditation but again being completely honest I live with a chronic illness and sometimes yoga is the last thing I want to do. I try to go to sleep earlier on a Sunday to set myself off well for the week, my steroid prescription isn’t really helping that as it is causing me to have some insomnia but I still try.

So that is my self love Sunday! I am not quite the wellness guru yet but I am slowly building in more holistic options to healing myself again. I remember last year when I was totally into supplements, a plant based diet and exercise, which did help in some ways but where I am at with my health right now simplicity is key and I need to just make myself feel better day by day for now.

Thanks for reading!

A x

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