How and Why I Quit Drinking!

I have lived the typical British life, I got drunk for the first time when I was around 15, went out clubbing every weekend in my late teens and early twenties and used to absolutely love a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I gave up drinking completely shortly before my 27th birthday and have not drunk alcohol since other than maybe 2 separate occasions where I had a glass of wine.

I was a pretty hard party girl in my early twenties and was always the loud one who ordered the shots and drank a little too much. Whilst I loved going out and having a few drinks (maybe 10) I noticed around 24-25 that my hangovers started getting progressively worse. I would wake up feeling absolutely terrible with a headache, nausea and quite severe anxiety. Even if I hadn’t done anything wrong and the night had been great I would have this awful guilt and feeling of dread. Around this time I started suffering with panic attacks and generalised anxiety, the way I felt mentally when I was hungover started happening when I wasn’t and it affected my life quite badly. The hangovers kept getting worse and I even started getting anxious after just having one drink like I was worrying about how I would feel the next day.

I made the decision in January 2015 to give up drinking completely. There wasn’t a process or specific way in which I did it I just stopped. For the first few months I didn’t really go out to bars or clubs as it felt odd to me to go out and not drink plus I also wanted to make sure that I stuck to it. It was my priority to get my health in order and at the same time I started exercising and eating a healthier diet. I took up yoga and really focused on feeling better mentally and physically.

My friends and family did ask a lot of questions, some wondered if I was having a bit of a crisis or had an addiction issue with alcohol both of which weren’t true. At the time I was still quite closed about my anxiety issues to everyone apart from my then girlfriend now wife so I just said I didn’t enjoy drinking and this is why I had stopped. I still to this day get offered drinks and told to stop being boring but it’s been so long the temptation is very much gone. I am more than happy to be the person with the Diet Coke who goes home when everyone starts getting a bit too merry.

I do go out from time to time to bars with friends but I don’t go out to clubs often at all. It’s odd to me that people can go out and drink such a huge amount of liquid as I can only have about 3 soft drinks before I am done. It’s also really difficult to be around people who have had a bit too much to drink as the level of conversation between them and I is off balance. I definitely have no issue with people having a good time and having a drink it’s just that we end up being on different vibes. I am also not the person who questions or judges anyone else’s actions, it’s not my place to comment on what other people do and in moderation having a drink is normally no issue for people’s health.

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