Eating Out – Low Residue / Low Fibre – Crohn’s Disease

Since getting out of hospital I have felt a million percent better than how I did before. I’m still healing and I’m a bit convinced at the moment that some of the daily symptoms I have are not going anywhere but overall I am feeling so much better. With feeling better I want to go out. I want to live my life and do the things I enjoy doing, one of which is eating. I love food and I’m pretty lucky maybe from the Crohn’s or just genetics that I don’t struggle with having to watch what I eat weight wise. When I first found out about the restrictive diet my dietician put me on I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to go out for food but I was wrong.

I do not eat out all the time maybe once or twice a week maximum so the below advice is not the healthiest and is to be classed more of a treat than a diet plan, at home I do eat a lot better and will be sharing some of my go to homemade recipes in a later blog.

Steak / Chicken – On the low residue / low fibre diet it is highly recommended that you include protein in every meal, if you go tot your typical pub or bistro type restaurant I guarantee they will have some kind of meat dish where it simple comes with a garnish of salad and a choice of potato. Really easy and not too bad on the unhealthy scale.


Pasta Dishes – I know some people have issues with tomato, I am ok with tomato myself but a lot of pasta restaurants do dishes like carbonara which only has a cheese sauce, bacon and pasta or they do a simple tomato pasta dish. I have problems with onions so do ask if the dish includes this but as long as not having a full on vegetable lasagne or something loaded with garlic and onion it is ok on the diet.


Pizza – Pizza is my favourite food, I crave pizza and I live for pizza especially vegetable ones which is sad because they do not agree with me. I have however found a new love for the classic Margherita. Now I know cheese, tomato and bread is not going to agree with everyone but I can only share what is ok for me and so far I have not found a cheese and tomato pizza that I have regretted eating.


Burgers – Much more on the unhealthy side here but you know I lost a lot of weight in my flare up so I need the calories. My go to tip is to make sure there are no sesame seeds on the bun. Brioche buns or sourdough buns are usually seed free and just make sure if it doesn’t agree with you like me, that you’re telling the person serving you to leave the salad out. Nothing like a raw onion to ruin my day.


Dessert – I am a dessert fiend, if you ever upset me bring me a cake and a pizza and all will be well in the world. Again if dairy / gluten is an issue for you then you might have more difficulty finding something suitable but with me the main issues are raisins, fruit, and anything wholegrain (I don’t understand healthy desserts myself). Sponge cake, cheesecake, ice cream they are all great choices and I am making myself hungry just typing this.


I hope from the above you can see that you can still enjoy yourself and go out for food without thinking I am not going to be able to eat anything. Things like starters I tend to avoid as they usually have more ingredients I can’t eat and if in doubt just ask what’s in the dish. I have been asked a couple of times if I’m allergic and to be honest I have said yes when I’ve got a dodgy vibe from the person asking but if you eat something and it gives you pain, you do not have to explain yourself to anyone.

Recommended Chain Restaurants 

GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Nando’s (Avoid spice)

Pizza Hut

Miller & Carter

All images are from Pinterest and saved in my Crohn’s friendly diet board here. 

Thank you for reading!

A x


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