Diet Update – Crohn’s Disease

I wrote a few weeks ago about my new and exciting low residue low fibre diet to get my Crohn’s under control and into remission. Essentially what the diet does is stops any hard to digest food getting into your bowel and causing more irritation. I have a mixture of both diarrhoea which then changes to constipation which means a low fibre low residue diet supports both in some ways and I am happy to say that it has massively calmed down the diarrhoea side of things.

Now at first I will admit I was loving it, probably because I hadn’t eaten properly in six months and was just happy to be able to eat food again and lots of tasty food like cakes and yoghurt and chicken and bread. It really was all fun and games for a good few weeks.

The issue I’m having now is that I miss all of the nice “healthy” food I used to eat all of the time, I miss broccoli, stir fries, fruit and just generally less comfort type foods and more ones that make you feel alive. I’ve started to notice that after every meal I go into a sort of food coma because everything I’ve eaten is very soft and I can’t really explain it but I’m eating a lot of pasta and rice the type of food that makes you very full for a short time but then hungry soon after.

I have tried to add some of the other food back in because I really do miss it that much and I think if it doesn’t cause me any issues then why not? But they do cause me issues and all of the months I was plant based and living of fruit and vegetables thinking I was healing myself even though every meal was agony, it all makes sense now and I am glad now that I know what doesn’t really agree with me but I’m just hoping that I can find alternative ways to get it under control and still enjoy all of the food that I love.

Im meeting with my dietician in mid February and she will be advising what to do next food wise, obviously if something makes my stomach hurt i’m going to avoid it but I honestly don’t know if I could continue with my diet how it is long term. Theres so many restrictions like seeds, wholemeal bread, pickle and just food that is in things that I can’t eat.

Thanks for reading!

A x

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