Fashion Style Guide to Crohn’s & Endometriosis

Crohn’s and Endometriosis aren’t great illnesses to have. They involve medication and surgery and endless symptoms which can sometimes affect your daily life. If I’m not going anywhere I am so happy to be relaxing in my comfortable clothes! Throwing on a pair of joggers and a hoodie is my dream lounge wear and I will wear this as often as possible.

I also really enjoy dressing up smarter and feeling good about myself with a new outfit, why should I not feel great in what I’m wearing just because I have a chronic illness. What I do find though is that some days, some outfits just aren’t going to cut it whether I’m bloated, in pain or having one of my amazing hot one minute freezing the next days. This is my list of go to fashion tips to feel stylish and feel comfortable. My style in general leans more towards the minimal and casual look with neutral colour tones, trainers and an almost tomboy look so if your a girly girl maybe not for you but there are definitely some tips below that can help anyone who wants to look good.

1. Layering – Layering is amazing! firstly when done right you can look stylish and on trend. Secondly it’s perfect for British weather and if your swinging between hot and cold. Feeling cold keep all of your layers on, feeling too hot just take a couple off!


2. Oversized – I’m obsessed with anything oversized especially tops, jumpers and wide leg trousers. An oversized jumper gives you that minimal high end look whilst hiding any bloating. Wearing clothes that are oversized are also usually super comfortable. Some brands I love for this are Monki, John Lewis Patternity range & ASOS. I absolutely love high neck oversized jumpers right now both casual and more workwear.


3. Trousers – Jeans are my nemesis when I’m having a bad pain day, I love a good mom jean but most of mine fit me when I’m not bloated and when I am are pretty uncomfortable. I’ve invested in some elasticated jogger style trousers over the last few months that are far from the grandma style you may be thinking of. I also really like cropped wide leg trousers, the style and fit of these mean the waist can be a bit bigger and they still give a good look.


4. Dresses – Dresses are a super easy way to look put together and still be comfortable. My go to’s are jumper dresses and well styled t-shirt dresses, pair them with layering and the oversized look and you’ll feel amazing both physically and mentally. A favourite of mine is a jumper dress, cardigan, some funky tights and a pair of Dr Martens. Also perfect for the British winter.


5. Soft bras – I know this is not new they’ve made a big comeback over the last few years but soft bras have changed my life. Granted I am not very blessed in the chest area so I don’t have the worry of needing to hold anything up but they have changed my life. Something about not wearing an underwire just makes me feel so much more comfortable.


6. Accessories – Sometimes if your having a bad day, you haven’t slept, your in pain you just want to throw on some simple and easy. I love to add some statement accessories such as big earrings or make up wise some red lipstick, it turns any outfit instantly more chic and I guarantee you’ll feel a bit better about yourself.


7. Bad Days Call for Joggers and Jumpers – I am a huge sportswear fan which is funny because I don’t do sport, its just not for me. If I’m having a bad day then I will reach for my favourite Adidas jumper and joggers, I like to keep them clean and not creased and buy things a little more on the Urban Outfitters and Adidas Originals style paired with clean trainers so that I can still look put together if I need to pop out of the house. I absolutely love Cara Delevingne’s style here and it’s really comfortable but I still feel great wearing it.


These are just some of the things I do to make sure I don’t have to compromise over feeling great fashion wise because of my illness. I’ve actually developed my own style based on the above and I feel confident in choosing outfits I know suit my body type and won’t leave me feeling uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong when I’m feeling good I do still like to stray and try out new looks that on a bad day I wouldn’t wear but most days I feel great and put together.

Thanks for reading!

A x


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