Things that I no longer give a f**k about and Nor Should You

When you get a chronic illness diagnosis things change, you have to go to the Dr’s more, you have more frequent changes in how you feel, you maybe have to change your diet and you may need to take medications everyday. One unexpected positive that’s come out of my diagnosis is that there are just certain things that I really don’t give a f**k about anymore.

Talking about my period – I will talk to anyone about my period, I also like talking to other people about their periods. Its completely natural and I cannot understand why there is such a taboo around it. My vagina bleeds once a month and it is bloody painful if you want to chat to me about it I’m happy to share. I might even talk about it with you if you don’t, I can provide a list of topics to avoid if this is you.

The small things – Things like people driving badly, a coworker speaking to you like crap, dropping something on the floor, my dog being an arse and barking at the TV all night, they are all small and insignificant and not worth raising my heartbeat by a single beat, don’t stress about it because they aren’t worth it.

Talking about my bowel and poo – As with my period I also don’t care about talking about poo, even more people do this than have periods. Shit happens literally and sometimes my life is pretty consumed by this natural bodily function. Have I been too many times today? Have I not been at all? Will this food make my bowel hurt like a raging fire? I think about it a lot and I also love to talk about it. Spreading the awareness one Abi issue at a time.

Staying in my pyjamas all day long – One of my favourite Sunday sayings used to be I feel like I’ve wasted the day, sitting in my pyjamas watching Diners, Drive in’s and dives and Man v Food. Not anymore babe! that day has not been wasted it has been spent practicing self care and giving my mind and body the rest it deserves.

Having a blood test – I used to be absolutely terrified of having a blood test and needles, piercing and tattoos not problem but blood tests hell no. Now I am not bothered at all, I have had so many it just doesn’t phase me which is good as I will probably have a lot more in the future.

Cancelling plans / not making plans – The guilt of saying no to going out or doing something used to bother me like crazy, I would hate both letting someone down and also feel like I would be missing out. I know now if I don’t feel like doing something then I shouldn’t do it, my time feeling good is precious so its better spent doing the things I really want to do.

People who do not matter – The people who love you matter, they are the ones who don’t judge you, love you for who you are and are there through good times and bad. I no longer worry about the people who don’t fall into that category, why waste time feeling negative about someone who feels negatively about me or just simply doesn’t matter in my life.

Following a set life plan – get a degree, get a good job, get married, get a house, get promoted, buy a nice car, become a director. I am super organised and can make a plan in a second but things don’t always go to plan and that doesn’t bother me anymore. I also don’t care if other people think I should be doing certain things in my life, I will do my own life and the only people who have a decision in that is me and my wife.

Thanks for reading!

A x

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5 thoughts on “Things that I no longer give a f**k about and Nor Should You

  1. Orenda Amore says:

    Love it!!! Just started following in you in Instagram and came across your blog!
    That’s exactly how I feel. #selfcare on level 100 ❤️🌻🌱🥰
    Thanks for sharing.


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