30 Facts About Me..

Today I’m sharing 30 random facts about me, not health related really but I just thought listing some semi interesting points was much better than a long drawn out post about myself! If you have any health related questions please feel free to comment.

  1. I’m a lady in case you didn’t know
  2. I am currently 30 years old – born in the 80’s
  3. I have been married to a wonderful woman Beth for 3 years
  4. I’m Welsh – can’t really speak Welsh though… my wife is fluent so that counts
  5. I’m 5 foot 11
  6. I have Crohn’s disease
  7. I also have Endometriosis
  8. And Psoriasis – used to bother me so much but not anymore with the 2 bad boys above to contend with
  9. I don’t have any children
  10. I am however a mum to a pug who is all the baby I need in my life
  11. I am an atheist although I do believe in Karma
  12. I studied Law at university even though it was the most boring thing I’ve ever done in my life
  13. I am a graphic designer, copywriter & digital marketer
  14. I love serial killer documentaries and books
  15. I have blonde hair but am a natural brunette
  16. I have tried nearly every exercise you can do and hate them all
  17. I am a Slytherin
  18. My favourite TV shows are Dexter and Breaking Bad
  19. I don’t drink alcohol, I used to but I gave it up for health reasons and didn’t miss it, plus I’m already enough to deal with sober
  20. I do not believe in luck only hard work and ambition
  21. My worst habit for me is picking my spots
  22. My worst habit from other people about me is my untidiness
  23. I am a night owl but I have to get up early or I feel terrible so I don’t know how that works
  24. People who repeat themselves really irritate me
  25. My favourite food is pizza or pasta
  26. I am very self competitive – you can always do better!
  27. I like to laugh at myself a lot
  28. I also like to shout and be loud its rather annoying
  29. I try to be ladylike but I swear way more than necessary
  30. I am constantly torn between save for old age and you only live once

Thanks for reading!

A x

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