10 Hobbies / Activities if you’ve got a Chronic Illness

I’ll start this with a disclaimer, I have based the below on my current level of health which includes usually about 50% of the week good where I function as a semi normal human being and 50% of the week bad where I barely get up off the sofa and probably don’t brush my hair. I understand completely that everyones level of health and severity of their chronic illness varies and know what may be above one persons capabilities is easy to another. Now with that out of the way I’d like to share 10 of my favourite hobbies.

  • Blogging – its first and your on it right now, since July I have been blogging my health journey and everyday I am enjoying it more and more. With a background in copywriting (definitely not essential to start a blog) I have loved writing for many years. I spend hours researching online about my illness, fashion, make up, ways to improve my health, ways to be better in life and work and everything else in between. I love writing my thoughts down and sharing my knowledge. Its great that people read it but I honestly would do it if they didn’t. Sign up for a free blog account today you won’t regret it.
  • Adult Colouring – This is a big favourite of mine as it brings out my creative side and also relaxes me, you can find hundred’s of adult colouring books on Amazon from Marvel to tropical forests and pick up a huge pack of colouring pens or pencils for a really reasonable price. It’s also a great way to get away from all of those black mirrors for a bit of time and clear your mind.
  • Pinterest – I am a bit obsessed with Pinterest, I have been using it for a long time especially when I got married and for fashion inspiration but recently I’ve started sharing my blog posts and instagram photos as well, check out mine here. I love creating boards on Pinterest and searching for inspiration in so many different areas, whether you have a room you want to decorate, some new recipes you’d like to try or just want some pretty looking motivational quotes to make the day a bit better. It’s like one big digital mood board.
  • Online Games & Computer Games – Back in my teenage years I worked for a computer game shop and it really sparked a love of online, PC and console gaming. Some particular favourites of mine are the PC game Sims where I live out an alternative version of myself and I am also a big fan of Playstation games Skyrim, Call of Duty and Need for Speed. Hours of fun and you don’t even have to leave your sofa.
  • Trying New Recipes – Using your brand new recipes board on Pinterest go in the kitchen and try them out. My Crohn’s low fibre prescribed diet has removed a lot of fruit and vegetables from my day to day food so I’ve been loving looking for low fibre IBD friendly recipes to try out and make my plate a little less beige. Some days all I want to eat is a frozen pizza as I’m too tired to spend a long time in the kitchen but on my good days I love trying out a new cake recipe or some pasta dishes.
  • Trying Out New Skincare – Steroids and other IBD treatments can wreak havoc on your skin, have some self care time giving yourself an at home facial with a face mask in the bath and trying out some new skincare. Since being diagnosed my skin varies from week to week from dry and sore to oily with breakouts. I’ve been loving the Ordinary range from Beauty Bay which is both affordable and comes with no bullshit, you get what it says on the packaging. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a blog post on my skincare regime.
  • Go Outside – You don’t have to run a marathon to get outside. Take your dog for a 15 minute walk, go out for a cup of tea and sit outside or go into town and do a little bit of shopping. It’s winter and a lot of us are already lacking in vitamin D due to our chronic status so give yourself a natural boost and get some sunshine in your life.
  • Yoga & Meditation – One of my New Years Intentions was to take up yoga and meditation. Both are really good for your health both mentally and physically with yoga being a great option if your looking to get back into exercise after a period of being unwell. Meditation has so many proven health benefits and I can attest to it really making me feel a lot more positive and relaxed. Apps such as Calm & Headspace offer free trials and sessions range from 10 minutes to an hour. For yoga I love Yoga with Adriene on Youtube who has hundreds of free videos available and 30 day challenges to give you some motivation to make it a regular plan in your diary.
  • Bullet Journalling – If you haven’t looked at bullet journaling go on instagram and take a look, it ranges from people using calligraphy and drawings to stickers and colourful designs. Its basically like creating your own personal planner and diary with each page designed yourself using whatever your creativity desires. All you need is a plan or dotted notepad, some colourful pens and your imagination (plus Pinterest & Instagram if you’re me)
  • Online Shopping – Perfect for those bad days, I am a bit of an online shopping addict and can spend hours looking at the latest fashion items, beauty, homeware and shoes. With a chronic illness it’s of course wise to watch your spending but it is also important in my eyes to treat yourself and if you’ve had a day where you feel absolutely terrible then a little pick me up in the form of a new pair of shoes or just a lipstick in a vibrant colour will definitely improve your mood.

Thanks for reading!

A x

2 thoughts on “10 Hobbies / Activities if you’ve got a Chronic Illness

  1. Asha says:

    I’d add knitting and crocheting to the list. Even people with EDS who are prone to subluxations and dislocations can knit and crochet, as can people with rheumatoid arthritis. Knitting keeps me sane, and I can do it almost any time. The end result is that I’ve made something that I can be proud of, and either gift it, or wear it/use it for myself. Knitting is proven to be very relaxing, can lower the heart rate, and it puts you into a meditative state. Knitting needle and crochet hook sets are available in a large range of prices and materials online, as are a huge variety of yarns in different price points. Ravelry is a website that functions as a pattern source and social media for knitters and crocheters. YouTube has so many amazing tutorials on knitting and crocheting, not just the basics for beginners, but every level of technique for intermediate and advanced knitters and crocheters. I learned how to crochet, and then knit, thanks to YouTube. Pinterest is a great way to find what you’re looking for as far as patterns or tutorials, or inspiration. Ravelry and Instagram are great for connecting with other knitters and crocheters. Knitting and crocheting definitely aren’t just for your grandma. It’s for women and men, young and old.
    Anyhow, that’s my thought on hobbies for people with chronic illness. Now to get back to my knitting.💜🧶


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