New Years Intentions – Health

It’s such a cliche New Year New Me! and all that jazz but with everything I’ve been through this year I feel more strongly than ever about setting intentions for the year ahead and even setting monthly intentions to keep me on track. In this blog post I’m focusing on my intentions health wise and by intentions I mean small and big changes I’m making to really be the best I can be.

  1. Drink 3 litres of water a day – So simple and not much to say here other than I am going to drink 3 litres of water a day because my body is 90% water and with Crohn’s disease there may be times where my body just doesn’t want to absorb what I put into it, not taking the risk to keep it at 3 litres a day and be a hydrated babe.
  2. Better sleep habits – I am a night owl at heart and I love staying up late and watching Netflix, online shopping and flicking between my social media accounts. I’m making it a goal in 2019 to go to bed earlier, switch off my screens earlier and go to bed earlier, I really want to get into reading more and having a good nights sleep as much as possible. My other half religiously goes to bed at 10pm so I have them on my side to help me aim for the same time during the week and waking up at 6.30am – 7.00am to get a good 8 hours even with some reading before.
  3. Sticking to one diet – I have been really guilty of trying out diets over the last few years, not ones to lose weight but ones to improve my health. I must have been on the right track in a way as I do have a major issue with my gut but I definitely think my impatience for results meant I changed it up too many times and my poor digestive system probably didn’t know what the hell to do. I’m sticking to a high energy, high protein diet, focusing on maintaining a healthy weight and listening to my body (prime example – broccoli has always given me a bad stomach but I continued to eat it almost daily for nearly a year WHY?!) Just because someone says its healthy doesn’t mean it will work for you.
  4. Exercise – Another area where mentally I had good intentions but all too often instagram models in my face all day long I ended up focusing on the physical and what I looked like more than how I felt. I’m starting the New Year with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga and will be also be doing more walking and getting out in the fresh air. Once I feel stronger I do want to increase the intensity but my main goal is to feel better and improve my mental health with light exercise. Bring on the totally zen, flexible and nature loving Abi.
  5. Coming off Oramorph – This is a big one for me! I have been taking opioid painkillers for almost 6 months now pretty much daily, I’m currently on a small 3ml dose of oramorph in the mornings and I am dropping this down to 0ml on January 1st. I’m not completely sure what I’ll do for pain relief yet but I’m going to try some more natural remedies possibly Turmeric, CBD oil, yoga as above, meditation and massages.
  6. Taking control of my heath – This really more encompasses everything above but also includes actively learning about both of my conditions Endometriosis and Crohn’s disease. I have hospital appointments regularly with both my GI and gynaecologist so I’m going to be researching treatments, asking all the questions I have and making sure that it’s a two way conversation. I am the only person who knows exactly how I feel so I am the only person who knows what works and what doesn’t. That combined with the specialists I have will hopefully allow me to be living my best life in no time.

Of course each day I still take multiple medications and at the moment I have no intention of stopping this, hopefully next year or even the year after I will reach a stage where I don’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals to keep me well but with the shit show of a year I’ve had I’m more than happy to take what’s needed to keep me well and out of hospital.

Are any of you setting intentions for your health in 2019?

A x

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