Crohn’s Flare Up – Low Residue Diet

One of the main things that happened while I was admitted in hospital was the daily visits from a dietician. At present I’m currently about 1.5 stone underweight, I lost just under this amount in the last 9 months of being unwell, this is due to my digestive system being inflamed so basically nutrients are not being absorbed as they should. To get the weight back on I’ve been prescribed a high energy, high protein, low residue diet which is essentially low in fibre and other foods that involve a lot of digestion.

Surprisingly this diet is the complete opposite of what I had been doing in previous months to try and improve my health. I’ve actually had a few people say that the vegan diet I was on before is what caused my Crohn’s which is beyond infuriating as it’s like they are blaming my actions for it but it is interesting that a lot of the food I was eating is on the bad list as such.

Here are the basics –


– Beans, peas, sweet corn

– High fibre vegetables – greens, broccoli

– Onions / garlic

– Raw vegetables

– Raw fruit

– Seeds, nuts, coconut, crunchy nut butters

– Wholgrains & oats – bread / cereals

– Brown rice & pasta

– Fizzy drinks

So as you can see it’s pretty much all of the stuff currently deemed as health, I’m eating a lot of white pasta and rice, meats, fish, dairy, eggs and small portions of well cooked, no skins vegetables which aren’t excluded above. I’m also having 3 nutrition drinks a day which bumps up my calories by another 1,000. My appetite has improved dramatically and I’m actually enjoying food again even if I am restricted on what I can eat.

I actually decided just yesterday to try out a roast dinner with some carrots, parsnips and potato and then spent about 5 hours in excruciating pain so it has confirmed what they have said to avoid except mine seems even more extreme as the veg was cooked and peeled.. Christmas dinner is going to be all beige this year!

This is not forever and once I’m out of the flare up and into remission I can start adding in different foods and see how they effect me. To be completely honest I do miss certain things like fruit and onions for example but it really is nothing in comparison to feeling well and not something I’d risk just in case it did make me worse. I haven’t been out to eat yet and think that this may be a bit tricky but I’m sure they’ll be something that I can eat and will check menus and nutrition information before we choose a restaurant.

I know there is speculation around the best diet for Crohn’s but this is just purely what my dietician has said is best to keep me on solid food without putting too much strain on my digestive system.

Has anyone else been on the low residue?

A x

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