Managing Pain Day to Day

If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that I have been a big user of prescription medications for the past 6-9 months. I really did have the best intentions in trying more holistic routes but they either didn’t work or were disgusting (CBD OIL 😦 ), I thought I would post today on the different medications I have used.

NSAID’s – due to a paracetamol allergy I have always had to rely on either ibuprofen or Naproxen for headaches, period pains or any other milder issues I have had. In the last 3 months these haven’t worked on my pain at all and following my Crohn’s diagnosis I have been completely told to avoid them. I never had any issues as such but the decline in my health could have been contributed to by using ibuprofen everyday!

Opioid based painkillers – I started off on codeine in July, 15mg worked fine usually once per day but this increased steadily until 2 weeks ago where I was taking anything up to 180mg per day, I never got any high or euphoria from the drug not even any drowsiness it just doesn’t seem to affect me in that way, codeine is now another one I am off due to the Crohn’s. It also stopped working completely in the start of November so I have no idea why I still took it.

Right before I went into hospital my Dr prescribed me extended release morphine and I will never ever take it again. I spent a Sunday laying in a complete nauseous trance and it was just awful, in the bin they have gone. (Disposed of at my pharmacy, I’m not throwing morphine in my normal bin). Once I spoke to my Dr she prescribed me some oramorph as an alternative which so far is working well for me and I am taking each day a small amount just to control the pain I’m still having from my flare up.

While in hospital they gave me tramadol and again this was disgusting, I swapped pain for severe anxiety and nausea. I spent a night not sleeping just feeling trapped in my own brain listening to my heart have palpitations.

It is bad that I do still have to take opioid painkillers each day and the goal is to be off them by the time my prednisone course is done but for now I need to focus on getting well and getting some of my life back!

On top of all of the painkillers bearing in mind at one point I was taking ibuprofen, codeine and oramorph each day I was also switching between 4 different anti nausea medications – cyclizine, ondasenton and 2 others I can’t remember the names of, a PPI inhibitor omerprazole and the occasional diazepam for when I didn’t want to think about the pain and the day anymore.

So right now outside of my Crohn’s medications I am only taking ondasentron for nausea and oramorph for pain so it’s reduced dramatically but still reliant on them day to day.

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