Exercising or Not Exercising – Managing my Own Expectations

This is quite a difficult post to write, I’m so happy to share symptoms, my health journey and how i’ve been feeling but admitting the following to myself has been challenging.

I started exercising about 3 years ago regularly, started with plyometrics and worked my way to the weight section of the gym. I absolutely love weight lifting, the feeling of pride when you can lift more than your own body weight and the improved self esteem from adding muscle (as small as it is) to my naturally slender frame.

I’d got into a good routine of training 4-5 times a week in my local gym when the first round of symptoms hit. I had a particularly bad period and instead of having to take the day off I ended up taking the full week. I went back a week later and started again with 4-5 times and my usual workout routines except something was different, the usual soreness which I actually enjoyed like battle wounds was more prominent and far from pleasant, I felt nauseous after my workouts and the fatigue at the end of the day from training in the morning was crazy. It was getting more and more difficult to manage both my work and my workouts so I decided to reduce down to just training on the weekends.

My next period came and this was one was even worse and I had to really question whether the workouts I was doing were affecting how I was feeling each month. My period ended but the pain did not go away so I made the very difficult decision to take some time off from the gym. The first few weeks were hard and I kept feeling guilty about not going, i’ve noticed changes in my body and I have less muscle now but I really had to say to myself is it worth the pain? It’s been 7 weeks now and I do still exercise when I can, its usually yoga or pilates though as these both give me energy and don’t cause any pain.

I know some girls carry on with weight training and some i’ve spoken to even do cross fit so i’m definitely not saying if you have endometriosis you need to give up lifting heavy but I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your body. If your workouts are draining you not energising you and the pain the next day is more than the usual soreness then really ask yourself if its helping or harming your body.

Thanks for reading!

Abigail Louise x

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