How I Learned to Manage My Stress

In today’s world with an uncertain economy, a sea of horrific world events and increasing pressures in all aspects of life its near impossible to avoid stress. I consider myself to be a sensitive person, and by that I don’t mean I am easily upset or angered but I do think about things deeply and when I do find myself in times of stress it can become overpowering. I don’t think its possible to completely eliminate stress from your life but I do think there are ways that it can be managed and used for good. Here are some steps I have taken and things that I do to manage mine.

  1. Understand why I am feeling stressed? 

Whenever I feel like the stress is building I take some time to think about why I am feeling this way, its not always easy to determine the root cause right away. I write in my journal a list of things that are bothering me, they could be long term issues or something that happened that day but just writing them down takes them out of my brain and gives me some perspective. It’s not about picking apart every detail of things that are bothering me but sometimes the things you think are making you stressed can be easily resolved.

2. What can I do to fix this? 

The next step I take is to put actions in place to fix some of the things which are bothering me or making me stressed. For example if I am not hitting deadlines in work I can look to get help from colleagues or find a way to prioritise and plan my day better. If it is health related I like to research online and see what others have done to help themselves feel better, and no this does not mean googling symptoms which never ever helps stress. I sometimes get stuck in a cycle of worrying about things which when I put that effort into finding ways to solve those worries can actually turn into achievements.

3. Do things that I enjoy! 

People will tell you that exercise and eating well will combat your anxiety and reduce stress which I definitely agree with but sometimes if your particularly busy like me a Netflix marathon with some tasty snacks (Endo diet approved of course) can really help to de-stress. I also really enjoy writing on my blog so do this to clear my mind and put some mental energy into something other than work.

4. Talk to people 

If you are like me and can look completely put together when inside your falling apart its no surprise that people don’t offer up support without your request. Most people are too busy thinking about their own lives (not in a bad way it is just a fact) to come to you and help you fix your stress without you reaching out. That doesn’t mean that people don’t want to help though, opening up and talking to loved ones and even colleagues has helped me no end to feel so much better, whether they just offer a shoulder to cry on or some good advice on how to deal with the issue thats worrying you. For me building it all up inside just leads to feeling burnt out and unhappy.

5. Let go of things you can’t control 

I hate to admit it but I am a people pleaser, probably one of my biggest stresses is what other people think about me, I want them to be pleased with what I do and think of me well, this also means that when they aren’t pleased I feel very stressed. I can’t control what other people think of me as a person. I can do well at my job and make my boss happy but I can’t control what they think about me, it’s none of my business. I also consider myself a bit of a control freak and don’t like it when i’m not 15 steps ahead in any area of my life. I have to tell myself every though that I can’t control whether an urgent task will come up and I can’t predict that a bus will drive into the back of me (complete nightmare and a story for another time maybe). I can only control myself and it’s my wonderful other half who really champions this message (see step 4)

Life can be difficult and things will stress me out but I have to find ways to cope, I can’t allow myself to get stuck in a cycle of stress and worry which inevitably leads to feeling unhappy and not enjoying my life. I’m not as productive when I’m stressed, my health definitely suffers and i’m sure around people I can let go with i’m not great to be around, so I have to take action and do things to manage this. I hope that some of the information I have shared will help someone else take control of their stress.

These are just some of the steps I take in calming my mind, I will be sharing some of the other things I do to help stress daily in a later post.

Thanks for reading!

Abigail Louise x


One thought on “How I Learned to Manage My Stress

  1. El says:

    I enjoyed your reading your article. One thing I definitely continue to struggle with is letting go of things I can’t control but still working on it. Thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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