Endometriosis Pain Management Step 1 – Diet

I am sure that this post definitely will not be the last on diet but I wanted to put into words the steps I am taking to improve my diet to manage the daily pain i’m currently experiencing. I know there is a lot of speculation around whether or not diet can improve any endometriosis symptoms but I am willing to try almost anything to help and reduce the amount of painkillers I am currently taking and get my life back.

Some people have said that a vegan diet is better, low FODMAP is popular and some say paleo or ketogenic has worked for them. Everybody is different but the information which seems to be consistent in the research I have done is the following –

Foods to Avoid 

  • Dairy
  • Wheat / Gluten
  • Refined Sugar
  • Red Meat
  • Processed Food
  • Soya (unfermented)

Foods to increase 

  • Fruits and vegetables (Particular leafy green vegetables)
  • Oily fish
  • Healthy fats – Nuts, seeds and avocados

It is really all about reducing inflammation which is the main cause of pain, the above diet changes are not likely to cure my endometriosis but I have read stories from many other women who have seen improvements by following it. It’s not a diet as such but a complete lifestyle change, yes you can have surgery to remove the endometriosis but what if the risk of it coming back is increased by eating the avoid foods, is it worth it? Again i’m not a medical professional so I can’t say if eating dairy or gluten affects endo in any way, it may even help it for all I know but i’m willing to remove it and see if it helps.

I’ve always been someone who can eat whatever they want with no change on the scales and because of this I have spent the majority of my life eating to my cravings. Cake and pizza are at the top of my favourites, followed by red meat, cheese and savoury snacks. I am fairly busy in my job so convenience and processed food gives me extra time in the day to get another task done. Ignoring increasing symptoms and continuing to eat and live how I have done for so many years has most likely contributed to the additional pain I am feeling now. Whilst it is and has been difficult for me to give up my favourite foods I am confident that they will help.

Im 2 weeks into being strict on the above and so far I haven’t had much relief but I know that it will take time, wiping out the years of poor eating won’t be fixed overnight. The improvements I have seen so far are in my skin and in my fatigue. I eat mainly plant based with additional protein sources of chicken, turkey and fish, I have tried gluten free and dairy free options but most of them are processed and they don’t taste like the real thing so I am going to be avoiding them going forward. I will post updates on my symptoms and whether or not this is helping.

Have any of you tried to change your diet and seen success?


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