Welcome to my journey…..

Welcome to my blog and my journey to becoming a healthier, happier human. I started this blog after recently getting into journaling my thoughts daily and the realisation that I really do not like writing with pen and paper. My online copywriter background is much more suited to the digital world and so here I am.

Whilst I wouldn’t say I am a particularly unhealthy person (i’m actually quite the opposite) the last few years have been especially difficult with various health issues finally leading to a diagnosis of endometriosis, more on my health issues and story in a later post. Living with an undiagnosed illness invisible to all around you and giving daily pain can be challenging at the best of times which leads to the reason I am on a journey to become a happier person as well.

I am not a health professional, nutritionist, personal trainer or trained yoga instructor, just a girl sharing her journey online of how I cope with my illness and the steps I take daily, weekly and monthly to live a better life.



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